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Is the Creative path the one for me?

If you want to learn improv skills for your creative profession or even if you're an improviser who wants to learn another style, then this is your path. Our lessons are taken from years of experience from all the major improv theatres in the world - Upright Citizens Brigade, Second City, iO, Groundlings, Annoyance, and more and are streamlined into the simplest terms so you can get to the next creative level of your artistic journey as quickly as possible.

What's Included

In the Creative course we'll cover: • Over 4 hours of video lessons broken into 9 sections within 80+ videos • Detailed homework assignments in every section • Where ideas, creativity, and comedy comes from • Setting and Reaching personal goals. • The 4 Pillars of any improv scene
• Every way to possibly initiate a scene
• How to never run out of 'stuff' to do in your improv • Tips and tricks for long form performance • Student Examples • 6+ hours of live show examples • More than 20 exercises you can do by yourself

and more!

Prior Experience

No prior improv experience is necessary, but even if you've learned a couple of improv styles in your hometown, we teach our own created methods from our almost 20 years of experience in improv, acting, directing, and writing so you'll find a lot of new information in this course too!

Is the Everyday path the one for me?

If you aren't looking to be an actor but just want to use the skills of improv in your work, home, or social life, then this is the path for you. We've taught thousands of non-performers how to be more outgoing, creatve, and fearless through using the secret-weapon skills of improv. We've taught everyone from medical students, to heads of marketing, to lawyers, to police officers, to engieers, to graphic designers all over the world- the skills of thinking-on-your-feet improv can be applied to every person everywhere.

What's included

In the Everyday Course we'll cover: • Almost 4 hours of lessons broken into 8 sections within 75+ videos • Detailed homework assignments in every section • Become more fearless and outgoing using improv • Setting and Reaching personal goals.
• Ways to be great at every interaction you have
• Every possible way to start, and continue conversations
• Where ideas, creativity, and innovation come from • How to apply improv to your everyday life • Student Examples • Over 20 exercises you can do by yourself
and more!

Prior experience

No prior improv, acting, or public speaking skills of required. All you need is the want to learn new skills and step outside your box, while having some fun in the process.

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