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Improv-LA's mission is to be a streamlined online workshop that is the beneficial and affordable for everyone,
whether you are an actor or not.


Founded in 2010

Since its start, Improv-LA has been designed to make our students feel confident onstage and off. Using our years of experience in improvisation, we've helped thousands of students progress quickly and start applying these techniques in the real-world even after the first lesson. Everyone from big companies, to teaching across the globe, to individuals looking to get out of their box, anyone can learn these skills of improv with our online classes!



Head Instructor, Founder

With almost 20 years experience, Keith brings the knowledge and skills from every major improv school (UCB, iO West, Annoyance, Groundlings, Second City, and more) where he has trained & performed, and he also holds the Guinness World Record for the Longest Continuous Improv Show at 150 non-stop hours.

Outside of Los Angeles, Keith has taught improv around the world in England, Thailand, Japan, Scotland, France, China, and serves as a creative consultant for Netflix, Walt Disney Studios, Hulu, CBS, and FOX. Some TV credits include writing comedy for National Lampoon and appearing on Curb Your Enthusiasm. 

His newest book THE IMPROV MINDSET, is now a #1 bestseller.

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